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Why she does what she does...


22IL0874 #sunset, OS, fall, CT.jpeg
22IL0874 #sunset, OS, fall, CT.jpeg


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Life is Like a Camera

Focus on what is important

Capture the Good Times

Develop From the Negatives

And if things don"t Work out


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22IL0247 #E Had bridge, CT.jpeg

I want to share what I see through the lens with people that miss it each day.  God paints it, I capture it, and then share it.


My Name is Lee Palombo

As a landscape photographer, I want to capture those "Evaporative Moments.”  They let me tell a story about someone, something, or some place.  Those fleeting moments capture and preserve,  a first tooth, first steps, or a 50th anniversary.   I loved hiking and enjoying the scenery around where I lived.  Ponds, trees, wild life, all the things that make up a beautiful landscape picture.  So I focused on landscape photography.   I work in the NewEngland area, which allows travel to many places to photograph.

I am a local photographer, with industrial work, portraits and I teach photography at the New London Adult Ed program.  I do private tutoring as well, for many of my clients.  My work can be seen in private institutions and homes, a number of hospitals like Yale New Hospital, L&M Hospital, Westerly and is offered at the Connecticut River Artisans, The Lighthouse Inn

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